Tired Of Spending Time Dialing For Upcoming Events?
S.A.K. Prosecutor Victim Software Calling Application

Prosecutor Calling Application

Save your staff hours in attempting to contact victims

A new feature of SAK Trial Case Management System


The only Prosecuting Case Management System capable of Automated Calling Victims, Representatives, or anyone involved in the case.

Once the call(s) are completed a report is generated depicting who answered the phone, voice mail pickup, busy or invalid number. Proof of attempted contact.

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  • Designed to Specific Prosecutor needs
  • Calendaring (master office calendar plus mobile devices)
  • Document Generation and Management
  • Trial Preparation integration with MS Power Point
  • Discovery
  • Contact Management
  • Paper Folder check in/check out bar coding tracking
  • Reporting
  • Case Management
  • Free Circuit Express Subscription?

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